Artist Statement

I firmly believe in what Bill Brandt, British photographer and photojournalist said; “Photography is not a sport. It has no rules. Everything must be dared and tried!” I am always experimenting with different techniques to give the viewer of my photographs pleasure in seeing something they can connect with. They may see something familiar in a different way. They may see something that draws them into my world of photography. They may see something that brings back memories. Or they may just see the beauty that my subject offers to them. In any case, I want the viewer of my work to connect in some way.

Most of my work has a connection with nature in some way. Since I am a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, many of my subjects are Wisconsin landscapes, buildings, or animals. The beauty of nature offers so many possibilities from the simple crocus popping up in the first days of spring to summer landscapes full of vivid color. I also enjoy capturing the reflections from any of Wisconsin’s bodies of water or man-made objects. I do not limit myself to just nature subjects, I also photograph aviation, automobiles, trains, lighthouses and other man-made subjects.

I work primarily in digital. I take each photograph and tweak it in my Macintosh computer to achieve the look I saw when I took the photograph. Some photographs require very little tweaking and some more to achieve the final look I desire


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