My Website, Updated!

I have been working on my art Website for the last week or two. So, now for some embarrassing self-promotion. Like I said, I have been working on updating my art Website. It is not done, but it is live and viewable by the public. I will be adding sizes and prices to each print over the next few weeks. But the base is there. If you feel like you need a break from your normal Web browsing, take a look at my new, improved, updated, fortified, extraordinary, super-duper, unique, exceptional, out-of-this-world Website. OK, it is not that great, just different from my old Website. I think better, but judge for yourself. Check out the new Website at:

I have also setup a Facebook page for my art Website. You can search for Mark Buehl Photography or click on this Facebook link. You can like the page if you feel so inclined.

I also have a Twitter account just for my art Website for announcing art shows, gallery information, etc. My Twitter name is MarkBuehlPhoto or you can click on this Twitter link. You can follow me if you want.

And finally, I have a this new Mark Buehl Photography artist WordPress Blog you are reading. It will just deal with art related posts. I will be posting my Picture-Of-The-Day images here too, but more photography or artists comments rather than general daily ramblings I post on my personal blog. You can subscribe to this blog and get email notices when I post here if you want.

You can access directly my Mark Buehl Photography Facebook page, Twitter page and WordPress Blog by clicking on the ‘Connect With Me’ link at the bottom of every page of my Mark Buehl Photography Website. You can see I have been busy getting my art Website and promotion up and running for 2012. You can email me with your comments if you want at:

End of self-promotion for today.


2 thoughts on “My Website, Updated!

  1. Mark, great photography! I checked out the website and really liked the overall presentation. The resizable background plugin is great, as is all of jQuery! Do you have a favorites icon (favicon) already? I think it might be useful for the direction in which you’re taking the site. I’d be glad to help create something if you want. Sorry for adding my two cents if they weren’t needed/welcomed 🙂 Either way, wonderful work!

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