December 6, 2011 – The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows

Another gloomy and cold day. I am tired of trying to find something interesting in this gloomy weather. So, another cat photograph, this one of Newbie. He needed a turn at being Picture-Of-The-Day. I did not take this one into Photoshop. I did want to play, but I still have work on two database projects to finish up.

I did not use a flash when I took this photograph because I wanted to have some back lighting, highlighting whiskers and fur. I did lighten up the shadows some, but not much. I used just the simple controls in iPhoto for this and the cropping. If you look at this posting in the Project 365 Website, there is more details about each photograph.

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My Website, Updated!

I have been working on my art Website for the last week or two. So, now for some embarrassing self-promotion. Like I said, I have been working on updating my art Website. It is not done, but it is live and viewable by the public. I will be adding sizes and prices to each print over the next few weeks. But the base is there. If you feel like you need a break from your normal Web browsing, take a look at my new, improved, updated, fortified, extraordinary, super-duper, unique, exceptional, out-of-this-world Website. OK, it is not that great, just different from my old Website. I think better, but judge for yourself. Check out the new Website at:

I have also setup a Facebook page for my art Website. You can search for Mark Buehl Photography or click on this Facebook link. You can like the page if you feel so inclined.

I also have a Twitter account just for my art Website for announcing art shows, gallery information, etc. My Twitter name is MarkBuehlPhoto or you can click on this Twitter link. You can follow me if you want.

And finally, I have a this new Mark Buehl Photography artist WordPress Blog you are reading. It will just deal with art related posts. I will be posting my Picture-Of-The-Day images here too, but more photography or artists comments rather than general daily ramblings I post on my personal blog. You can subscribe to this blog and get email notices when I post here if you want.

You can access directly my Mark Buehl Photography Facebook page, Twitter page and WordPress Blog by clicking on the ‘Connect With Me’ link at the bottom of every page of my Mark Buehl Photography Website. You can see I have been busy getting my art Website and promotion up and running for 2012. You can email me with your comments if you want at:

End of self-promotion for today.

December 5, 2011 – Princess’s Tongue

Princess's Tongue

Another cloudy, dreary, cold, rainy and some snow day. I have to work until 11pm tonight, so I try to get in my Picture-Of-The-Day done before work. I just did not want to go outside until I went into work. Therefore, another cat photograph today. Princess was sitting by me giving me moral support as I worked on the updates to my art Website. She has a long tongue. Longer than most cats. Every once in a while, she forgets to pull it back into her mouth after washing up and a little bit is left out. Today she did that. She now has two days in a row staring in my Picture-Of-The-Day.

December 4, 2011 – Still As A Statue

Still As A Statue

I just got home from work and realized I had taken only one photograph today, and it is after 10pm, dark outside. Time for yet another cat picture. It was the only image I had without setting up a still life. Princess was like a still life this morning, all tucked together, hardly a whisker moving. You were tempted to poke her to see if she was alive or not. To cat nap like a cat would be great.

I used a few Photoshop filters to bring out some of the detail of this image. I also worked with levels to get the balance I wanted.

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December 3, 2011 – Dew White

Dew White

I only took two pictures today. It was rainy, cold, cloudy and generally a bad day. We got some shopping done, got our Christmas tree and did some lights between rain showers.

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December 2, 2011 – Dual Capitols

Dual Capitols

I was busy today working on database and Web stuff that I forgot to get outside for my Picture-Of-The-Day image. After running into town for some basic supplies, gas, and dinner, I took a trip around the Wisconsin Capitol. I took a few shots for today’s image, but nothing great. Then we drove over to the edge of the lake and looked at the Christmas lights that the local electrical union puts every year for the holidays. There are 20-30 displays, all in LED lights. They always have one of the Wisconsin Capitol. This year it was on the lake shore inline with the true Wisconsin Capitol. I did not bring along my tripod, so this was not the best shot of the weekend.

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December 1, 2011 – Baby Blues

Baby Blues

I was lazy today for my Picture-Of-The-Day’s image. Again I have to work late, until 11 pm tonight. It is another cloudy day here in southern Wisconsin. I did not feel like going out to collect today’s image, so I picked up the camera, turned and captured Newbie watching me. A few shots playing with HDR, then into Photoshop to play around with the image. It was such a dreary day that I thought Black & White would be different, but I could not leave his eyes alone. Playing around with filters and such to get a more grungy feel, his eyes became more blue in one version. I like blue eyes, so I kept them and left the rest B&W. Back to work on all my other projects.

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